• Two experts from Taiyuan Aier Eye Hospital were selected by Taiyuan Famous Medical Studio2019-12-27

    On December 2, the list of Taiyuan's famous doctors' studios issued by the Taiyuan Health and Health Committee was released. Two experts from Taiyuan Aier Eye Hospital Jia Yading and Wang Yanhua were selected. And they are the only two ophthalmologists on the list of famous doctors. Strictly review the authoritative assessment of the award of the leader of the famous medical studio

  • Aier Ophthalmology's "Hunan Academician Expert Workstation" was officially unveiled, and the integration of science, education and research has reached a new level2019-12-24

    The opening ceremony of the Aer Eye Hospital Group Hunan Academician Expert Work Station was officially unveiled on December 20. The Aer Eye Hospital Group Hunan Academician Expert Work Station unveiling ceremony was held in Changsha, marking another provincial and ministerial-level innovation platform settled in Aer Eye Hospital. Aier Ophthalmology is advancing industry-university-research cooperation and introducing high-level gathering

  • Aier Ophthalmology won the "Star of Overseas Chinese Charity" 2019-12-24

    On December 19, the China Overseas Chinese Federation Charity Annual Conference and Belt and Road Charity Seminar was held in Beijing. Sui Jun, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Overseas Chinese Federation, Qiao Wei, Chairman of the Chinese Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation, He Jining, Deputy Chairman and Secretary-General, and Liu Youping, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the China Charity Federation, attended the meeting. Meeting reviewed

  • The second phase of the Elite Ophthalmology Talent Program selection is over. Optometry and pediatric ophthalmology high-end talent training have achieved initial results. 2019-12-20

    35 trainees participated in the second phase of the El Ophthalmology Outstanding Talents Program retest, competing for 22 places to be selected on the 18th. The El Ophthalmology Second Talents Training Program selection was held in Changsha, from more than 400 hospitals and 35 specialists in optometry and pediatric ophthalmology who have been selected in the clinic

  • Aier Ophthalmology Dr. Guo Xuming's dissertation results are included in the international journal SCI 2019-12-19

    Recently, the research results of Dr. Xuming Guo and his team (Fan Yi, Yu Yanru, Guo Wenjing) of Taiyuan Aier Eye Hospital "Meibomian Gland Massage Combined with 0 1% Flumiron Relief for Moderate to Severe Dry Eye and Complicated with Systemic Immune Disease "Patient" is included in the international journal SCI, through local point hormone combined with meibomian gland massage, the 4