Authoritative media such as CCTV made a big noise: China Aier Ophthalmology acquired the famous European ophthalmology group

爱尔眼科 连锁机构 医院 欧洲 Release Date: 2017-09-07 Aier Eye Chain Hospital Europe

爱尔眼科收购欧洲品牌,促中欧合作 Central set: Aier Ophthalmology acquires European brands to promote Sino-European cooperation

爱尔眼科收购欧洲巴伐利亚眼科 Central second set: Aier Ophthalmology acquires Bavarian Ophthalmology in Europe

中国企业收购欧洲最大眼科机构 Central four: Chinese companies acquire the largest ophthalmic institution in Europe

湘企爱尔眼科并购欧洲巴伐利亚眼科集团 Hunan Satellite TV: Hunan Enterprise Aier Ophthalmology Acquires European Bavarian Ophthalmology Group

爱尔收购欧洲连锁眼科机构 People's Daily: Aier acquires European chain ophthalmic institution

中国现代医疗技术首次输出欧洲市场 China Daily: China's modern medical technology exported to European market for the first time

中国眼科企业收购巴伐利亚眼科成全球最大眼科服务集团 European Times: Chinese ophthalmology companies acquire Bavarian ophthalmology to become the world's largest ophthalmic service group

爱尔眼科成为全球最大眼科医疗机构 Hunan Daily: Aier Ophthalmology becomes the world's largest ophthalmic medical institution

爱尔眼科收购欧洲最大眼科集团完成交割 Changsha Evening News: Aier Ophthalmology Acquires Europe's Largest Ophthalmic Group to Complete Delivery

爱尔眼科收购欧洲最大眼科集团交割完成重塑全球行业发展格局 People's Daily: Aier Ophthalmology Acquires Europe's Largest Ophthalmic Group and Completes Reshaping Global Industry Development Pattern

中国爱尔眼科收购欧洲品牌促进中欧医疗合作 Xinhuanet: Chinese Aier Ophthalmology Acquires European Brands to Promote Sino-European Medical Cooperation

布局海外市场爱尔眼科收购欧洲最大眼科机构 Phoenix Net: Layout of overseas markets Aier Ophthalmology acquires the largest ophthalmic institution in Europe

爱尔眼科收购外企成全球最大眼科服务集团 Sina.com: Aier Ophthalmology acquires foreign companies to become the world's largest ophthalmic service group

It is understood that Bavarian Ophthalmology is Europe's largest listed ophthalmic medical medical institution with a 25-year history of development. There are 76 ophthalmic medical centers in Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria and other countries, and more than 300 ophthalmic and optometrists, including the founding Key doctors, including Dr. Julio Baviera, have a high reputation in Europe. With this merger and acquisition, Aier Ophthalmology became the world's largest ophthalmic service group and the only ophthalmic medical chain in the world with two listed companies in China and Europe. The service area covers three continents, including Asia, the United States and Europe, and radiates more than 2 billion people.

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