I am only 40 years old, why do I have cataracts?

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Recently Mr. Zhang is a bit depressed: He is only 40 years old, just in his prime, how can he develop cataracts? Isn't cataracts a disease only for the elderly?

Cataract is geriatric disease

Speaking of cataracts, many people subconsciously feel that they are only a disease of the elderly. Although this is not entirely correct, it also makes sense.

Cataract refers to the opacity of the lens of the human eye, and there are many reasons for the opacity of the lens of the eye, and age is one of the main reasons. In clinical practice, most patients with cataracts are senile cataracts, also known as age-related cataracts. The older the cataract, the higher the prevalence. Therefore, cataracts are indeed closely related to age.

Cataracts not only occur in the elderly

Although senile cataracts are common, cataracts can be caused by other causes, such as genetics, malnutrition, radiation, poisoning, trauma, and so on. Therefore, in addition to senile cataracts, there are congenital cataracts, traumatic cataracts, metabolic cataracts, and concurrent cataracts.

Therefore, although Mr. Zhang is not an elderly person, he may also develop cataracts. Especially for highly myopic eyes, because the annual myopia is too high, the length of the axial axis will greatly advance the onset of cataracts. Normal people will gradually develop cataracts after 50 or 60 years of age, and high myopia may also occur in 30 or 40 Cataracts may occur.

In addition, children may also have congenital cataracts due to congenital genetic factors. Therefore, cataracts do not only occur in the elderly.

Aier Ophthalmology has cataract clinics. Some cataract patients not only have cataracts, but also may have high myopia, astigmatism, etc. The glow cataract surgery technology introduced by Aier Ophthalmology can not only treat cataracts but also relieve eye symptoms such as myopia and astigmatism.

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