How long will I be blind after having cataract

白内障 多久失明 治疗 老人 Release date: 2019-11-28 How long is cataract blindness treatment for the elderly

Everyone may get cataracts, but many elderly people still refuse to undergo surgery after they have cataracts, and their vision is getting worse and worse. Therefore, many families want to know whether they will be blind after cataracts, and how long they will be blind. Let's talk about it today.

Cataract is the first major blindness

It can be said with certainty that if cataracts are not treated in time, they will eventually become blind. Not only that, cataracts are the number one eye disease that causes blindness in the elderly. Why is cataract so awarded? This is related to the cause of cataract.

There are many factors that cause cataracts, such as age, radiation, genetics, eye trauma, high myopia, etc. The most common of which is age-related cataract, also known as senile cataract. It is closely related to aging, just like people's hair will turn white when they are old. No one can avoid aging, so cataract ranks first among all blindness diseases.

How long will I be blind after having a cataract

Senile cataracts do not suddenly lose their blindness, but gradually decrease their vision. As the cataract ages for a longer period of time, the vision declines more and more, eventually causing complete blindness. Therefore, it is impossible to generalize how long cataracts can cause blindness, but they usually last for several years and are not caused overnight.

Cataracts can cause eye blindness only if they are not treated in time. Moreover, cataracts may cause more difficult eye diseases than cataracts such as uveitis and glaucoma. Therefore, after the diagnosis of cataracts, if the visual impact is obvious, early surgery must be better.

At present, the ideal way to treat cataract is cataract surgery. There is no other way to restore the vision of cataract patients. Delayed treatment and fear of surgery are the "accomplices" that ultimately cause blindness in cataract patients.

In addition to cataracts, many elderly people also have a variety of eye symptoms such as myopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. The European and American simultaneous cataract surgery introduced by Aier Ophthalmology can perform cataract, myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, etc. in one operation. Eye diseases are "completely eliminated" and vision is restored.

Aier Ophthalmology is a global chain covering the three continents of Asia, the United States and Europe. Cataract surgery is carried out in synchronization with European and American countries. The hospital has cataract clinics, and online consultation can learn more details.

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