If these 3 conditions appear in the eyes, seek medical treatment immediately

眼睛 黑影 飞蚊症 暗点 治疗 Release Date: 2019-11-21 Dark Spots Treatment for Dark Eye Mosquitoes

In daily life, we often encounter eye problems of one kind or another. Should all problems be treated promptly?

Of course not ... Then what situations can be handled by yourself and which should be treated in time? Ophthalmologist reminds: If these 3 conditions appear in the eye, you should seek medical treatment in time!

Needle eye, more than a week is not good

The scientific name of acupuncture is called a stye, which is actually blebitis. The infected eyelid sebaceous glands or sweat glands are called external blepharositis, and the infected meibomian glands are called internal blebitis.

After 2 to 3 days of blebitis, yellow and white pus spots will form in the center of the lesion, the induration will soften, and the pus will be drained by itself. After that, the inflammation will be significantly reduced and gradually subsided within 1 to 2 days. Usually it will be about a week. If it is still not good, then it may not be a simple needle eye, there may be granulation, or it may be sebaceous gland cancer (the elderly must be more vigilant).

Unknown object floating in front of eyes

Unidentified objects floating in front of the eyes, or spot-like, or filament-like twitches, like clouds, move with your eyes, fly around like a small mosquito, can't hit or hit, can't rush, no matter how you rub your eyes, Glasses cannot be eliminated.

Clinically, flying mosquitoes are divided into physiological and pathological ones. Generally, flying mosquitoes occur in the eyes of patients with physiological mosquitoes. The symptoms of flying mosquitoes do not suddenly increase or change, and the location is relatively fixed. However, If the mosquito phenomenon suddenly occurs and it only appears on one side of the eye, the mosquito is flying in an uncertain direction, and there are dark shadows covering the field of vision, poor vision, visual field defects, etc., you must pay attention, which may be posterior vitreous detachment, retinopathy Wait.

There are dark spots in the middle when looking at things

If there is a dark spot in the middle when looking at something, or a fixed shadow block in a certain position, this is mostly due to deep eye diseases such as retinal detachment, macular degeneration, and optic papillitis. These fundus diseases need to be treated in time. Otherwise, once the vision drops sharply, it will be difficult to reverse.

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