Can't see clearly when you just wear glasses? Ophthalmologist teaches you how to prevent myopia from deepening

配眼镜 近视加深 看不清 Release Date: 2019-11-27

When the new glasses were fitted, the whole world was clear, as if the dust on the ceiling could be seen. However, some friends have been around for a while, and the world has gradually blurred. Is there no “shelf life” for the good vision brought by the new glasses?


Wearing glasses will make myopia higher and higher?

After wearing glasses for a while to see things become blurred, some people think: Is it because wearing glasses can cause myopia to deepen?

In fact, glasses are a scientific method of correcting myopia and will not speed up the deepening of myopia. However, there is a special case. If the optometry of the glasses is inaccurate, too high or too low, it can cause uncomfortable wearing, keep the eyes in tension for a long time, and deepen myopia. Therefore, ophthalmologists recommend that you must go to a professionally qualified ophthalmic institution for medical optometry to ensure the accuracy of optometry.


Why does myopia deepen?

In addition to the glasses factor, the following factors can cause myopia to deepen:

1. Minor eye axis development. The axial length is about 24mm. For every 1mm increase, the degree of myopia increases by 250 degrees. While minors are still in the developmental stage, the eye axis will be extended with the development of the body, and the degree of myopia will show a certain degree of natural growth;

2. Bad eye habits. I was immersed in studying and working outside, and I was deeply trapped by a mobile computer at home. Too long high-intensity eye use time, too close eye distance, poor eye posture, and poor light environment, these may be the culprits that cause your myopia to deepen;

3. Eye disease factors. If the above points are not consistent, it is necessary to investigate the factors of eye disease. Vision loss is an important signal for the occurrence of many eye diseases, and we must be vigilant.


How to control the progression of myopia?

Medical optometry to ensure accurate optometry. Medical optometry is more systematic and complete, and the optometry is more accurate, ensuring that you can see clearly and comfortably after the optics.

Standardize eye behavior and develop good habits. In daily use of eyes, we must remember to control our high-intensity eye-use time, adjust our eye posture, and avoid reading or using mobile phones in a poor light environment.

Comprehensive eye examination and scientific correction of myopia. As mentioned earlier, there are various reasons for the progression of myopia. When the myopia develops faster, a comprehensive eye examination is necessary. On the one hand, the main reason for the deepening of vision is identified and the eye disease factors are examined; on the other hand, Determine whether the current myopia correction method meets the individual eye condition.

New correction method to control the development of myopia. Orthokeratology is a new type of myopia correction, which can control the deepening and development of myopia. It is especially suitable for minors who develop myopia faster.

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